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The selection of the bolt in an MWS replica not only affects the feel of recoil and the rate of fire but also the gas efficiency and the maximum power that the replica can achieve. Each type of bolt has its own unique characteristics that make it suitable for different play styles and personal preferences.

Aluminum Bolt: Maximum Gas Efficiency

The aluminum bolt, with its lightweight of less than 100g, stands out for its extraordinary gas efficiency. This efficiency translates into the ability to make up to 90 shots with a single gas charge, a significant advantage during long gaming sessions. However, to reach power levels comparable to heavier bolts, it is necessary to use a stronger gas. This is because the lower mass of the aluminum bolt requires less energy to move, resulting in less recoil and a faster rate of fire. However, to increase the FPS and reach the desired power, it is necessary to open the NPAS valve more and use a gas with higher pressure.

Steel Bolt: Maximum Power and Recoil

On the other hand, the steel bolt, weighing about 290g, is ideal for players looking for the most realistic shooting experience possible, with strong and satisfying recoil. This additional weight means that the steel bolt can be adjusted to reach high powers, up to 4 or 5 joules, by fully opening the NPAS valve. However, to efficiently move all that weight back and complete the firing cycle quickly and reliably, a more powerful gas is also needed. The trade-off here is a lower gas efficiency compared to the aluminum bolt, due to the higher consumption needed to move the steel bolt.

Standard Bolt: The Balance

The standard bolt, typically made of zamak and weighing about 200g, offers a balance between recoil, gas efficiency, and power. This bolt is light enough to maintain good gas efficiency, allowing a reasonable number of shots per gas charge, while still providing a moderate recoil feeling. It is ideal for players looking for a well-balanced replica without the need for extreme adjustments in the type of gas used or in the NPAS setting.

General Considerations

The choice among these bolts depends on personal preferences and the specific needs of each player. An aluminum bolt is excellent for those who value gas efficiency and a high rate of fire over recoil. The steel bolt is preferred by those looking to maximize realism and power, at the cost of a higher demand for gas. Finally, the standard bolt offers balanced performance, being a solid choice for players who want a good mix of efficiency, recoil, and power without the need for significant adjustments.

It is crucial to consider that adjusting any component, whether the bolt, the buffer spring, the buffer, the nozzle, or the NPAS valve, should be done considering how these interact with each other to achieve the desired performance. Finding the right balance among these components is essential for optimizing the operation of the MWS replica and tailoring it to the individual preferences of each player.

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