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The nozzles in MWS airsoft replicas play a crucial role in the accuracy and efficiency of shooting. It is important to consider that the standard nozzle incorporates a valve that, by default, does not include a power adjustment system like the NPAS (Negative Pressure Air System). This system is essential for controlling the shooting power, measured in FPS, without the need for translation into Spanish, as the original terminology is used in the context of airsoft in Spain.

To integrate an NPAS into the standard nozzle, there are several methodologies. One involves manually modifying the nozzle by inserting a nylon set screw, available for purchase at Skirmshop. Additionally, there are commercial options like the NPAS systems from Ra-Tech and G&G, which allow for fine adjustments of performance. While the Ra-Tech NPAS regulates the amount of gas flow, the G&P system adjusts the gas release timing. The specific NPAS kit can be found in the NPAS Kit for M4 Marui MWS/MTR.

A simpler alternative that avoids the need to disassemble the replica is to completely replace the nozzle with one that already includes an NPAS system, such as those offered by Ra-Tech or Angry Gun. These nozzles allow for a wide range of power adjustments, reaching from 4J to 0.5J. Specific products include:

  • MWS Marui Adjustable NPAS Nozzle with Magnetic Lock
  • Enhanced Drop-In Complete MPA Nozzle Set Gen 2 Ver

It is relevant to mention that the first version of the Angry Gun nozzle, released 3-4 years ago, had resistance issues with very strong gases. However, version 2, introduced about 3 years ago along with the corresponding replacement parts, has proven to be significantly more resistant than the standard nozzle in tests conducted, solving the previously observed durability problems.

Choosing stronger nozzle springs, such as those offered by Angry Gun with 150% and 170% of the original spring power, although essential for withstanding the use of more powerful gases, tends to generate more noise. To mitigate this effect, we recommend the application of dense silicone grease, similar to that used on bicycles and available in stores like Decathlon. This grease can significantly reduce the metallic sound ('bang') between shots, improving the user experience and maintaining stealth in the game.